The yoga taught at Sita Tara does not adhere to any one style. Our team of conscious yoga teachers are inspired by various influences, which they incorporate into their classes.

The practice consists of a series of movements combined with specific breathing and poses dedicated to both strength and relaxation. The positive effects alleviate physical pain and carry over to the emotional and spiritual levels as well.

Meditation can be many things with many different effects. We all come to meditation for different reasons, and these reasons change as the practice develops. Having new experiences, getting to know ourselves, loving what we find there, and becoming one with it.

Using various techniques from several different traditions, we will guide you in a profound meditation practice. Short breaks between the meditations allow you to share your experiences and help your body grow accustomed to sitting still.

Pilates is a wonderful physical training with a holistic approach. The exercise method works from the inside out: from the inner to the outer layers of muscle, from thoughts to actions.

During the exercises, there is equal focus on strengthening the inner muscles (primarily the core muscles, such as the abdominals, back, and pelvic floor), the breath, and increasing the body’s flexibility.

As a method, Pilates tries to bring body, mind, and movement into harmony, slowly but with noticeable effects. This allows for intensive training despite any physical limitations, such as a herniated disc or a broken ankle.

The training helps strengthen your own body awareness, correct poor posture, and develop a conscious approach towards relaxation and exertion. A toned and lean body is another positive effect of regular Pilates training.

Yoga is for everyone – after the first class, you’ll already start to feel the positive effects. You’ll experience more tranquility, more flexibility, and more lust for life.
Yoga invites you to connect with your own stillness and vitality: Feel your roots, trust the flow, nurture your fire, open your heart, give yourself to the world, follow your intuition, touch the heavens…

You can start Beginners’ Yoga anytime. The exercises are explained clearly using contemporary language to help you feel at ease.

You will learn basic postures, breathing exercises, and meditation, which will allow you to relax and gain new energy with lasting effects.

During pregnancy, yoga can help you adjust to the major changes that come with the new life inside of you.

The gentle practice supports the back, counteracts the aches and pains of pregnancy, and promotes consciousness of your own body and the growing baby.

Targeted breathing and relaxation exercises prepare you for the birth, boost your confidence, and help you let go.

Restorative Yoga – a unique experience
Restorative Yoga is a very soft and gentle form of yoga. It offers us a wonderful opportunity to relieve pressure from many day-to-day stresses, such as the challenging decisions that affect our personal lives, our families, and our careers.

Instead of using muscle power, the simple yoga poses are supported by blankets, pillows, belts, and other equipment. This allows us to linger in each position for a long time. Body, mind, and spirit slowly meditate into a pleasant, restorative state. The deep relaxation phase allows us to intensely feel the effects of the individual poses. We thus create a unique space in which to let go of that which needs letting go in the present moment. This moment of weightlessness grants us the courage to let ourselves fall and enables us to encounter and perceive our bodies on an entirely different level. Yoga gives us a mental break from disruptive thoughts, as well as deep peace, inner balance, tranquility, energy, lightness, and a sense of complete freedom – simply being.

Sita Tara Yoga is an open yoga class.

The idea of this course is to practice yoga for the good of all living things. The cost is not related to the studio prices and can be paid on a donation basis. The proceeds are used to support worthy causes – the main goal being to promote the spread of yoga and dharma. By participating in this course, you’re investing in yourself and simultaneously taking part in a process that benefits us all.

Sarva Mangalam (May all beings be happy!)

While dynamic yoga places the focus on activity and musculature, Yin Yoga is more passive. The emphasis here is on the deeper layers of the body, such as connective tissue, ligaments, and fascia. The individual poses are associated with the meridians and the five elements of Chinese medicine.

In Yin Yoga, we stretch the connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons, and stabilize the joints, while simultaneously harmonizing blocked energy. So Yin Yoga sequences create deep inner peace and are energizing at the same time.

Ignite Your Spirit meditation is an active guided meditation consisting of visualisation, yogic breathing, mantra, chanting and affirmations. Ignite Your Spirit meditation will assist you to clear away negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are holding you back from a life filled with more love, joy, purpose and fulfilment.
It will help you to connect more to the inner stillness and inner wisdom that is always inside you.
During the meditation your energy field raises in vibration which results in feeling energized, relaxed, clear and inspired.

The class begins with a short guided meditation and mantra recitation. Then the mantra singing begins – always starting with OM, the original sound in which the universe was born. The sacred verses are in Sanskrit which are many hundreds of years old and are combined with music. When we chant mantra together, we have the opportunity to deeply open our heart and feel more peace within. An energising of the body and quietening of the mind can be experienced immediately.

The CANTIENICA® method teaches deep-rooted body consciousness in a holistic way. It can be practiced in combination with any sport and at any age.

By aligning the bones and strengthening and integrating the inner musculature, the skeleton is protected and supported. Particular focus is placed on the pelvic floor muscles. When strengthened, they stabilize the pelvis and support the inner organs.

The training reinforces the spine, corrects poor posture, and lends the body more mobility and a faster reaction time. The exercises are updated regularly according to ongoing research, so the bodywork is anatomically precise and gentle on the joints.

Founded by Benita Cantieni in Switzerland, CANTIENICA® training is finding major resonance in Europe and beyond with increasing endorsements from doctors and physiotherapists.
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