Valentine’s Day Special

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Sacred Couple Space. Partner Meditation & 7 Rituals for spiritual growth in Relationships.

When: February 14th, 21:00 – 23:00

The workshop is dedicated to Love & Spiritual Growth.
In a beautiful candlelight atmosphere we will do partner meditations, yogic breathing techniques and energy exchange rituals. Celebrate Valentine’s Day consciously. Every couple will receive a little gift.

We are looking forward to seeing You on February 14th at 21:00.
*Wear comfortable clothes.
Herbal tea and healthy snacks will be provided.
Where: Sita Tara Yoga Studio, Danckelmannstraße 20, 14059 Berlin
Energy exchange: € 70 per couple 
The tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite (Sacred Couple Space) or in Sita Tara before the event. 

* the space is limited. Please reserve your spot by sending a short email to:

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The Work of Alisa Lovesky & Martin Schubert

Many feel spiritual growth is best achieved alone and unattached. But throughout history there have been teachings and rituals for growing spiritually together and becoming stronger as a union of poles. An art of intimacy, recognising the divine feminine and masculine within each other.
This work of Alisa & Martin is a unique combination of Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Connection Rituals, Healing, Therapy, Coaching and Energy Work.

The yoga teacher, emotional release healer & social psychologist, Alisa LoveSky and her husband, the author, coach and meditation teacher Martin Schubert share their insights of seeking the divine in each other, after having lived in the highly individualistic Western civilization as well as with the highly collectivistic Tamang, a shamanist-buddhist people in rural Nepal.

„Sacred Couple Space“ is a community of people who grow not only as individuals, but also as a Union. Our goal is to support one another on this beautiful and sometimes challenging journey. We are grateful for having the opportunity to guide couples during the workshops, coaching sessions and retreats through a meaningful process of deep connection, unity & spiritual growth. It does not matter how old you are and for how long you have been together, what matters is Your choice to grow as a Union“.

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